Bachelor of Arts popularly known as B.A. Course is an undergraduate program in liberal arts, the sciences. The Arts course is considered to be a flexible course that permits the student to choose a course which is the best match for their career interest.The learning options for the graduates are not limited to any specific areas and the scope of specialization is large for the BA holder.

Bangalore University is located in the Garden City of Bangalore aptly-hailed as the “I.T. Capital of India”, was established in July 1964 as an off shoot of the University of Mysore, primarily to include institutions of higher learning located in the metropolitan city of Bangalore and the districts of Bangalore, Kolar and Tumkur, which eventually became a separate university. Initially, the two premier colleges of the city, the Central College (CC) and the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) formed the nucleus of Bangalore University..

Bangalore University BA Question Papers : Bangalore University BA Question Papers has been published in 2016-2017 and previous year question papers online of BA Students can check and download the last year 2016-2017 question papers online from the website or from this page through the link given below. Students who are Searching Bangalore University BA Question Papers can find Complete List of Bangalore University Bachelor of SCIENCE (BA) 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Question Papers of all Subject in this Resource. Students can check the Below Table to Download the Question Papers in PDF format easily Under following links .

Question Papers May 2018


Question Papers May 2017


1 Hindi (CBCS – Fresh 2016-17 & onwards)

2 Kannada (CBCS – Repeaters – 2014-15 & onwards)

3 Kannada (CBCS – Freshers 2017-18 & onwards

4 Malayalam (CBCS – F + R- 2014-15 and onwards)

6 French (CBCS – F + R- 2014-15 and onwards)

7 Arabic (CBCS – F + R- 2014-15 and onwards)

8 Additional English (F + R- CBCS 2014-15 and onwards)

9 Additional English (Repeaters – 2009-10 & onwards)

10 Journalism I Introduction to Communication and Media (F + R – CBCS 2014-15 and onwards)

11 Opt. Eng. – I British Lit. (1340 to 1830 and facets of language (CBCS F+R – 2011-12 and onwards)

12 Psychology – I Basic Psychological Processes (F + R – CBCS – 2014-15 and onwards2013-14 only)

13 Political Science 1 Core concepts of Political Science (F + R – CBCS – 2014-15)

14 Economics – I Business Economics (F + R – CBCS – 2014-15& onwards)

15 Environmental and Public Health (F + R – CBCS 2014-15 and onwards)

16 Sociology-Fundamentals of sociology(CBCS – F + R- 2014-15 and onwards)


Question Papers May 2016


Question Papers May 2015

Question Papers May 2014

 Download BA 2014-15 (Revised Syllabus)
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