How to Track BMTC Student Bus Pass?

BMTC is issuing student passes for the convenience of the students at concessional rates. To avoid inconvenience to students like submission of documents and standing in a queue in the bus stands for a long time to obtain passes, BMTC has currently introduced an online system, which is directly integrated with the Education Department database, where the student can directly apply through Education Institutions or directly by themselves through e-form.

To track your student pass status: Click Here

How to track the BMTC Buses:


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I’m going to tell you about how to track BMTC buses in Bangalore.

Steps to track BMTC Buses

Step 1

Open Play store 

Search BMTC 

Step 2

From (where you pick the bus) &

To (Destination) of the place.

Step 3

Click on ‘Get Route’

There you get all the information about the List of Buses on the way, showing the Status of buses in next 1hr, it shows the time of Arrival and you can also Click on Maps to see where the bus is.

If you get a popup ‘No Direct Route Found’. Then you have entered a wrong place where there is no direct bus to that place.

If you get a ‘Get Schedule’ for Buses. Then there are no buses at that time.

How to Track BMTC Student Bus Pass?How to track the BMTC Buses:Steps to track BMTC BusesTo track your student pass status: