B.com 1st Sem Corporate Administration Important Questions 2018

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A corporate organisation is a legal entity with a structured governance system and a distinct identity. Corporate administrators, also known as corporate secretaries, work toward ensuring private and public organisations adhere to the best governance practices. They coordinate operational activities and advise top company executives on a wide array of legal, leadership and business issues. This career is ideal for professionals with advanced formal qualifications and superior administrative abilities.

What do Corporate Administrators do?

Corporate administrators are involved in almost every organisational function, from policy implementation and asset management to corporate social responsibility and information management. Although the specific duties of these administrators could vary with whether an organisation is publicly or privately held, they commonly perform the following tasks;

Here are some of the important questions for your exam
6 Marks

 1. What is a Statutory Meeting? Briefly explain the contents of the Statutory Report.

 2. Briefly explain the types and functions of promoters.

 3. Explain, briefly the privileges of a Private Company.

 4.State how Directors of a company are appointed.

 5. Briefly explain the features of Global Companies.

 6.Briefly explain functions of promoters.

 7.Write a note on the statutory meeting.

 8. State the features of multinational enterprises.

 9.State the qualifications of a secretary.

 10. Explain the concept of one person company.

14 Marks

1. Discuss the important Highlights of companies Act 2013.

2. What is the incorporation of a company? Explain the steps and formalities for
incorporation of a company.

3. What is an Annual General Meeting? Explain the Objects of AGM, Legal
formalities for holding AGM and state the Businesses transacted in the AGM

4. A Secretary is not only a servant of the Company but also a servant of Law”.

5. Explain the provisions and contents of the Articles of Association of a company.

6. Explain the features of multinational enterprises.

7. What are Articles of Association? Explain the contents of the Articles of Association.

8″ Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a Joint Stock Company.

9. Explain the duties and responsibilities of a company secretary.

10″ What is Annual General Meeting? Explain the objectives of AGM, legal formalities
of an Annual General Meeting”

11. Explain the duties and responsibilities of the Managing Director.


12. Explain the provisions and contents of the MOA of a company


The Above are some of the most expected Question for upcoming Corporate Administration Exam 2018, This is made by Prof Based on their experience in academies