Principles of Event Management Important questions 4th sem

6 Marks Important Questions 

What are the essentials of good event record keeping system ?

Briefly explain any four principles of holding events.

How does an event manager organise an event ?

Explain the advantages of public relation in event management.

Briefly explain the steps of blue print for event planning success

Briefly explain the various legislations and tax laws applicable for event.

Write a note on safety of guests and participants in corporate events.

Briefly explain five qualities of event manager.

Write a short note on brain storrning sessions.

Explain SC’s of event management.


14 Marks important Questions

Define event management. Explain the importance of event management.
Explain the procedures considered for conducting a mega event.
Explain the importance of communication and budget in event management.
What are the essentials of Brain storming ? Explain the Brain storming sessions.
Explain the different Vpes of corporate events.
How do you analyse an event ? Explain.
Explain different permissions required for holding an event.
Explain the roles and responsibilities of event managers.
Explain the basic elements to be defined in the budgeting of corporate events.
Explain the various roles of media for conducting an even