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Retail Management ,Bangalore university 2nd sem imp questions

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6 Marks Important questions

 1.Write a note on Franchise stores.
2,Discuss the advantages of bar coding.
3.Write a note on man power planning in retail business
4.Write a format of business plan.

 5.Briefly explain the importance of customer service.

 6.Briefly discuss the importance o{ category management.

 7,Briefly explain any six types of pricing in retailing’

 8.What are the advantages and disadvantages of Electronic Data lnterchange (EDl)
9.Briefly explain merchandise management

10.Write a note on functions of retailer.

14 marks important questions

1.Explain the various factors infruencing retail business in rnedia

2.Explain the sources of recruitment.

3.Discuss the sources of consumer dis-satisfaction. suggest ways to enhance
customer satisfaction.

 4.Explain the various factors considered while selecting a retail place.

 5.Explain the Social and Ethical issues in retailing.

 6.Discuss :
a)Ethical issues in retailing.
b) challenges of E’ retailing’

7.Discuss the various functions of retair operations.

8.Discuss the factors influencing consumer shopping behaviour.

9.Explain the different theories of retailing.

10. Write a note on :
a) Market Area Analysis
b) Trade Area Analysis
c) Site Evaluation.

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