Marketing and Services Managernent 1st Sem Important Question Bangalore University

2 Marks Important Questions

  1. Who is a Travel Agent?
  2. What is consumer behaviour ?
  3. What do you mean by psychological pricing
  4. Write any two models of E-Business.
  5. Expand the following ( Learn all the Expand Questions )
  6. State the meaning of consumer behaviour.
  7. Define tourism.
  8. What is service market ?
  9. What is service-mix ?
  10. What/Define  is market ?
  11. What is meant by physical distribution ?

6 Marks Important Questions

  1. Explain the stages in product development.
  2. State the essentials of good brand.
  3. Briefly explain the steps in building a servlce blue print.
  4. what are the essentials of a good qualities of a salesman ?
  5. State any six objectives of Marketing
  6. Explain the models of e-business.
  7. Explain briefly the personal factors of consumer behaviour.
  8. Explain the objectives of pricing.
  9. State any six characteristics of marketing.
  10. Explain the promotion-mix.

14 Marks Important Questions

  1. Explain different types of services.
  2. Explain the characteristics and economic significance of tourism.
  3. Discuss the rnarketing mix of educationar services.
  4. What is product planning ? Describe the factors influencing product planning
  5. Explain the bases for market segmentation.
  6. Explain briefly the various channels of distribution.
  7. Explain the stages involved in new product development.
  8. Explain the approaches to the study of Marketing.
  9. Explain the functions of marketing.
  10. Briefly explain the recent trends in marketing.