M.com 3rd Sem Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Important Questions 2020

Often defined as the ‘way businesses are directed and controlled’, it concerns the work of the board as the body which bears ultimate responsibility for the business. … Corporate Governance represents the value framework, the ethical framework and the moral framework under which business decisions are taken.

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Bangalore University(BCU-BNU) M.com 3rd Sem Study Material 2020


2 Marks imp Questions

1.Define Business Ethics /Types of ethics
2. What is Hacking
3.Define Values
4. What is the Code of Blowing
5.What us inside trading
6. What is consequentialism?
7. Give the meaning of Malfeasance.
8. Give the meaning of shell Companies
9. What is an Ethical Dilemma? Give an Example
10Give the meaning of  Whistle Blowing?
11. What is Inside Trading?

5 Marks Imp Questions

1. Explain briefly the benefits of good corporate governance.
2. What are the legal measures to check cybercrime?
3.Explain Briefly the Importance of business ethics
4. Define Business ethics. Mention ant three business ethics.
5.State Unethical  advertisement you have come Across  on T.V
6.comment on the ethical issue in human resources management
7. Explain steps taken in India for environment Ethics.
8. Why ethics do matter in business?
9. Compare deontology with Utilitarianism.
10Exapain Creative accounting practices.
11.Explain Briefly the benefits of good corporate governances

14 Marks Imp Questions

  1. How do you prevent computer crimes? Explain.
  2. Explain Utilitarianism and Kantianism Theories.
  3. Describe the CSR Activities undertaken by any two large companies in India.
  4. State some of the guidelines of advertisement standards council of India
  5. What is the agency problem?How does the agency Problem of information asymmetry affect good corporate governance?
  6. Describe the CSR Activities undertaken by any two large companies in India.
  7. Explain the areas in HRM which are more prone to unethical practices.
  8. Explain Any four Social Responsibility Roles.
  9. ‘Do Companies had to operate ethically to be financially successful-Explain this statement
  10. Ethical Issues relating to computer applications
  11. Explain Utilitarianism and Kantianism theories