M.com 3rd Sem Corporate Financial Reporting Imp Questions for Jan 2020 Exam

Company financial reporting is a total communication system involving the company as issuer (preparer), the investors and creditors as primary users, other external users, the accounting profession as measurers and auditors; and the company law regulatory or administrative authorities.

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Corporate financial reporting is the system of making corporate financial reports. These corporate financial reports are the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statementstatement of retained earning and financial policies explanation.

Bangalore University(BCU-BNU) M.com 3rd Sem Study Material 2020

2    Marks Imp Questions

1. What do you mean by Ind As?
2. What are the objectives of the global Reporting initiative?
3. Who are merchant Bankers?
4.Define Triple bottom Line Reporting
5. State the benefit of economic value-added?

6.Mentioned few of the important stock markets in India
7. Give the meaning od IFRS
8. What is Hedge Accounting?
9. Give the meaning of inside trading


5 Marks Imp Questions

1. Write a note of Inflation Accounting
2. Give an Account of IAS
3. Write a note on Sustainability Reporting
4. Write a note on human Resource accounting
5.Commodity market intermediaries
6.describe the income recognition and disclosures in the balance sheet in case of NBFC’s
7, Indian Companies are facing many issue and problem in publishing the annual reports”, Explain
8. Who is a stockbroker? State the documents which are required to be maintained as per SEBI Rules?

Bangalore University (BCU-BNU) M.com 1st sem study material’s 2020