M.com 3rd Sem Financial Markets Important Questions 2020

A financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities and derivatives at low transaction costs. Some of the securities include stocks and bonds, and precious metals

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They include capital markets, Wall Street, and even simply “the markets.” Whatever you call them, financial markets are where traders buy and sell assets. These include stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, and commodities.

Bangalore University(BCU-BNU) M.com 3rd Sem Study Material 2020

2 Marks Important Question

1. What is meant by ‘Inside trading’?
2. What is Zaraba?
3.Mention Two Objectives of establishing SEBI
5. What is the Security Market?
6. What is meant by the circuit breaker?
7. What do you mean by Greenshoe options
8. Give the meaning of Inside-Trading
9. What are the Trading timings of BSE Ltd?
10. What is meant by Book Building?
11.mention two Functions of issue managers.
12. What is the difference between GDR and ADR?
!3.Meaning of Inside Trading?

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5 Marks Question

1. Write an explanatory Note on ‘Private Placement’.
2.Outline the SEBI Guidelines on Insider trading
3.Describe the working of primary Market
4. Write a Note on “Private Placement’
5. Describe the working of the primary Market.
6.Methods of selling securities.
7. Who is a Registrar to issue? Bring out the function of the registrar to an issue.
8. Explain The trading mechanism of Securities in BSE Ltd.
9. Different between primary and secondary Market.
10.Explain The structure of the government securities market in India
11.Functions of Underwriters?
12.Elements of the government securities market in India.
13. Explain the functioning of the Tokyo exchange?
14How SEBI Protect Investor?

12 Marks Question

1.”Briefly discuss the working of international stock exchanges
2.Explain the listing procedures and functions of OTCEI
3. Write a Note on Indian Financial System. What are your suggestions for improvement?
4.Explain the role of SEBI regulating and controlling stock exchanges in India
5.Explain various guidelines for raising funds in international markets through various instruments “Explain
6″Efficient management of public issue depends on merchant banker” Do you Agree?
7.Explain different methods od selling securities in the primary market
8. Discuss the different instruments available in raising funds in the international market.
9Write a Note on:
1 Pricing of a new issue
2 Screen-based trading
4.Anyone International Stock Exchange
5.The functioning of the stock exchange in India
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