M.com Macroeconomics for Business Decisions Important Questions for Feb 2020 Exam

Macroeconomics Decision Business. … It is concerned with the whole economy and studies the level and the growth of national income, the levels of employment, the level of private and government spending, the balance of payments, the consumption

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6 Major Macro-Economic Issues
  • Issue # 1. Employment and Unemployment:
  • Issue # 2. Inflation:
  • Issue # 3. The Trade Cycle:
  • Issue # 4. Stagflation:
  • Issue # 5. Economic Growth:
  • Issue # 6. The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payment

2 Marks Important Questions

  1. What are the repo and reverse repo rates?
  2. What is the marginal efficiency of capital?
  3. State any four goals of economic system
  4. What is meant by NNP?
  5. What is saving functions?
  6. What is the disposable income?
  7. What are Drivers of economic growth?
  8. Differentiate between inflation and deflation?
  9. State the objective of macroeconomics?
  10. What is meant by gross domestic products?
  11. Meaning of macroeconomics
  12. What is fiscal policy?
  13. What is consumption
  14. Public debt
  15. paradox of thrift
  16. multiplier,
  17. mixed economy

5 Marks Important Questions

  1. Discuss various factors affecting national income
  2. Explain in details the economic development in India
  3. Discuss the significance of economic systems
  4. Explain the interface of macroeconomics with business and industry
  5. Define national income. explain the various included in national income
  6. Function of RBI
  7. Distinguish between GNP and NNP?
  8. Explain the various phases of the business cycle
  9. Give the importance of macroeconomics
  10. What is the objective of Fiscal policy?
  11. What are the measures used to control business cycles
  12. Nature of concepts of Indian economy
  13. TYpes of multipliers. Briefly explain the signification of investment multipliers
  14.  Factors determining economics growth?


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