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Managerial accounting reports are used for planning, regulating, decision making, and measuring performance. … Managers then analyze these reports to highlight certain patterns and convert them into useful information for the company

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The objective of management accounting is to use this statistical data and take a better and accurate decision, controlling the enterprise, business activities, and development. Financial accounting is the recording and presentation of information for the benefit of the various stakeholders of an organization\.

2 Marks questions


1. Define Performance Budget?
2. What is the inform cost manual?
3. What are the methods for measuring divisional performance?
4. Define “Accounting standard”.
5. What we Amortisations?
6.Define “GAAP”
7. What is Social Reporting?
8. What are the tools and techniques of marginal costing?
9. List the criticism of ZBB?
10.Benefits of cost manual?
List out criticism of traditional budgeting?


5 Marks questions

1. Write an explanatory note on the spets in the preparation of the master budget.
2. Write a brief  note on Zero Based Budgeting
3.The procedure involved under inter-firm comparison
4. Write a note on the decision-making process
5.Explain the difficulties in implementing responsibility accounting
6.Explain the requisites for the installation of uniform costing


12 Marks questions

1. What is budgetary control? How are budget variations analyzed? Prepare a variance analysis report for a production department
2. Explain the pros and consequences of the “Database for decision-making process”.

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