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E-Business and Accounting 4th sem Important questions Bangalore university


6 Marks Important Questions :


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  1. Write the differnce beyween traditional commerce and E- commerce
  2. Give the list of advantages of e-commerce as well as to buyers.
  3. briefly explain varioud types of web hosting services
  4. Write the process of voucher entry in Tally.
  5. what are the features of tally
  6. Mention paths required to generate reports of following accounting books and
    registers and also mention steps to be followed in getting printouts.
    i) Purchase Register
    ii) Sales Register
    iii) Credit Note Register
  7. what is a vouchers? Explain any four types of vouchers in tally
  8. Write short notes on :
    i) Web-portal
    ii) B2c modet
    iii) B2B model.
  9. explain F11 accounting features in tally

14 Marks important questions

  1. explain the sterps involved in creation of a company tally
  2. Explain various promises and challenges of e-commerce
  3. explain different E-commece business models
  4. Explain process of Creation, Alteration and Deletion of Ledgers in Tally.EFlpg.
  5. Mention different types of vouchers and explain pre-defined vouchers in Tally.ERPg.
  6. explain the different output reports in tally

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