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Banking law and operation(BLO) 2nd Important questions Bangalore university

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6 Marks Important questions

*What is negotiable instrument ? Explain its features.

*Distinguish between overdraft and cash credits

*What are the advantages of credit cards ?

*what are the consequences of wrongful dishonor of cheque

*Distinguish between general lien and particular lien.

*List the disclosure of a customer account under law.

*What are the differences between promissory note and cheque ?

*Narrate any six significant reasons for the dishonor of cheques?

*State the advantages of electronic banking services”

14 Marks Important questions

*Who is Paying Banker ? Explain the statutory protection available to the Paying

*State the different type of Bank Accounts and explain the procedure in opening
and operating the account of a minor

*Explain the different kinds of endorsement.

*Briefly explain the relationship between the Bankerand Customer

*Explain the principles of Bank lending in detail.

*Explain various general relationship between banker and customer.

*Give the meaning of crossing..Exprain the types of crossing”

*Explain the principles of bank lending in detaii.

*Briefry explain any four types of hank account holders

*Write short notes on :
internet banking

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