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Bangalore University QABD II 2 Marks Important Questions With Answers Unit V THEORY OF PROBABILITY



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1, What is probability?

 Answer: probability is the like hood that somethings is the case or will happen.

2. What is the event?

Answer: Event is one or more of the possible outcomes of doing something. For example, if we lose a coin, getting a tail would be an event, getting ahead will be still another event.

3. What is a null event?

Answer: An events that consist of no sample points is called a null event and denotes by 0

4. Whats do you mean by mutually exclusive events?

Ans: An event is the outcome of a nation. An action can give one or more than one possible outcome or event. If, as a result of our action. Only one of the events takes place, the events are called mutually exclusive events.

5. What us independent events?

ANS: A succession of events that do not affect each other are known as independent events. When events are independent, It is possible to determine the probability of both events occurring in succession by multiplying the probabilities of each event

6. Which are favorable cases?

ANS:the number of cases favorable to an event in the trial is the outcomes which entail the happening of the events is called as favorable events or favorable cases

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