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Financial Accounting 1st Sem Important Questions Bangalore university

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2 Marks Important Questions

  1. What is meant by Dead Rent?
  2. b) Mention any two objectives of Financial Accounting.
  3. What is royalty?
  4. What is a Realisation Account?
  5. d) What is single entry system ?
  6. g) What do you mean by purchase consideration ?
  7. What do you mean by Accounting Standards ?
  8. Define GAAP. (they will ask
  9. List any four accounting standards
  10. State two features of hire purchase system.

6 Marks Important Questions

  1. Briefly discuss the users of accounting information.
  2. Describe any three advantages and three limiihtions of FinanciatAccounting.
  3. Discuss the users of Accounting lnformation.
  4. What are the Functions of accountung ?

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