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lndian Financial System 1st Sem Important Question Bangalore University

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lndian Financial System 2 Marks Important questions

  1. Mention any two objectives of RBl
  2. What is Primary Market
  3. State any two objectives of RBl.
  4. Expand (ty will ask any random one)
  5. What is Letter of Credit
  6. Give the meaning of Open Market.
  7. What is Venture Capital ?
  8. Give the meaning of financial asset.
  9. What is Financial lnstitution ?
  10. What is Statutory Liquidity Flatio ?
  11. Define Banking.
  12. Give the meaning of financial system.
  13. State any two features of financial service’
  14. What do you mean by lncome Funds

Indian Financial System 6 Marks Important questions

  1. Explain any three credit control measures of RBl
  2. What are the promotionalfunctions of RBI ?
  3. Discuss the powers of SEBI.
  4. Explain the functions of money market.
  5. Explain in brief the Capital Market lnstruments.
  6. Give the meaning of liquidity and explain the types of liquidity with reference to a
    commercial bank.
  7. State the role of linancial markets.
  8. State the functions of LlC.
  9. Distinguish between Primary Market and Secondary Market.
  10. Briefly explain any six functions of financial system.
  11. What are the objectives of EXIM Banks ?
  12.  Explain in brief the Capital Market lnstruments.

Indian Financial System 14 Marks Important questions


  1. DIscuss the meaning and primary functions of commercial banks.
  2. Explain the Quantitative and Qualitative Credit Controlof RBl.
  3. Explain in detail the various types of mutual funds.
  4. Write in detail the various money market instruments.
  5. Define Commercial Bank. Also discuss the functions of a Commercial Bank.
  6. Differentiate between Money Market and Capital Market.
  7. Explain the Quantitative and Qualitative Credit Controlof RBl.
  8. What is stock exchange ? Discuss the features and advantages of stock exchange
  9. Explain in detailthe different types of financial services.
  10. Write short notes on


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